Lightweight computing discussion tonight, 4/5/2023

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Author: Steve Litt via PLUG-discuss
To: plug-discuss
CC: Steve Litt
Subject: Lightweight computing discussion tonight, 4/5/2023
Hi all,

Sorry for the late notice. Tonight at 7:00 Eastern Daylight time,
4/5/2023, GoLUG is having an online meeting where we'll discuss
lightweight computing. The meeting location is . This meeting is online only.

Anyone with any lightweight computing practices is welcome to talk
about those practices. I plan on showcasing Openbox, dmenu and perhaps
UMENU. Although I don't plan to, I'm also qualified to speak on IceWM,
LXDE and ctwm. I'm hoping David Billsbrough will speak on WindowMaker.

We REALLY need people to speak on lightweight browsers, because much of
today's bloat is because of browsers. It would also be wonderful to
have some short presentations on some tiling window managers.

In preparation for the meeting, please see the following very short list
of window managers and desktop environments (WMDEs) sorted by RAM usage:

If you want a deeper dive, see .

I hope to see you at the meeting.


Steve Litt
Publicity Coordinator
Greater Orlando Linux User Group (GOLUG)
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