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Author: Michael via PLUG-discuss
CC: Michael
Subject: compile error
It isn't really an error.
../sysdeps/unix/sysv/linux/x86/jmp_buf-ssp.sym >
I don't get it. I had it compiled to section 8 of LFS but now I can't get
it past section 5.5 I get to make install and it gets to a section and it
just keeps repeating itself (it flashes between two screens). I've
recompiled it at least 3 times and get the same error (the repeat). I've
got the terminal full screened and it looks the same with each flash. The
first linein this message is the last line of the screen and it says it is
constantly writing to the same file which right there says something is
wrong. I wonder if it is my computer?
How could I discover if it is? Further; if it is and right now the error is
in the compile how long do you think my puter has left with us?

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