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Author: Matt Graham via PLUG-discuss
To: plug-discuss
CC: Matt Graham
New-Topics: mouse weirdness sort of solved (was: re: my debian machine)
Subject: Re: My Debian machine...
Greg, the mail client you're using does not respect the Reply-To:
header. Send things to the list, not to just me. That way, if I have
no idea, other people can say something.

On 2021-08-26 09:47, greg zegan wrote:
> I finally had a chance to do this (Start xev from an xterm or
> other terminal emulator, position the mouse pointer in the
> small window that xev generates, middle-click) right now. I
> could see event data generated on the terminal for any
> button clicked or rolled.

You didn't make it clear whether you got a button 2 event when you
middle-clicked or not. Copy and paste the text you get when you
middle-click in the xev window that is generated by "xev | grep -i
button". No, nothing's supposed to happen in the GUI, xev is the X
event tester. It's there to diagnose problems like this.[0]

> please advise.

Answer these questions:

>> Which WM/DE are you using? Have you re-mapped the default mouse
>> settings?

And provide the output of "xmodmap -pp", which shows the current
physical button -> button code mapping. Usually this doesn't change,
but let's cover all the bases.

[0] And confuse people. My mouse has left, middle, right, wheel up,
wheel down, and 2 mystery buttons. xmodmap reports 10 buttons. Mystery
button 1 reports a button 9 event. Mystery button 2 switches to the
next window and does not report a button event. *shrug*

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