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Author: Steven via PLUG-discuss
To: plug-discuss
CC: Steven
Subject: Re: Housing
Perharps he was talking about turning an old laptop into a NAS? I've
occasionally thought about pulling out one of my old laptops and turning
it into a somewhat low power server with a built in battery backup good
enough for the OS to go, "Oh bleep! The power's out, if I start now I
just might have time to gracefully shut down." (I think my first laptop
was down to about seven minutes of battery life when I gave up on it)

- You're not relying on the manufacturers choices of software and settings
- As mentioned, a built in battery backup
- You could run additional software beyond samba/nextcloud/syncthing,
such as a git server, web server, or your own local database server

- Finding a good spot to put a laptop that's going to run 24/7
- As mentioned, that built in battery backup is likely at low capacity
on an old laptop
- Most old laptops only have a single 2.5 inch drive bay
-- Sure you could attach external usb drives but those are additional
items taking up shelf/desk space

On 7/18/21 5:54 PM, Michael via PLUG-discuss wrote:
> My dad was just telling me I could get old laptop flash and make a
> drive with it. My little brain can't wrap itself around that. Anyone
> know what he is talking about?

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