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Author: Kevin Majka via PLUG-discuss
To: plug-discuss
CC: Kevin Majka
Subject: Re: New to the List and Linux
Hi all,
Thanks for the replies. I actually made some headway.

On my Chromebook - 4gb Ram / 32gb SSD (Soldered to the board) - I was able
to install Pop! Os last night. Checking it out for a couch computer.

On my 2014-2015 Chromebox - I have 8gb of ram in it and I have a 256gb M.2
on the way for it. Currently it has Ubuntu 20.04.

And on my 2010 MacBook pro - I was able to get Fedora 33. Still
troubleshooting wifi.

Next up trying to figure out getting an external USB drive to mount in Plex
on the chromebox once I get the new SSD. It's an i3 model so it does ok
overall even with a dated chip.

I really like Chrome OS - but my chromebox which was strictly an extra
machine / video caller machine - has been no longer supported since 2019.
So I definitely needed to do something to start using it again.

I have a web background and am very familiar with various CMS systems and
for work I work in Customer Success Management - so I am very used to CRM
software. Like 4 of each, so it's fun to check out all of the Distros.

Thank you for replying - I had no idea if anyone would - I really
appreciate it. I will post after I upgrade the ssd and get that going.

Any other folks using Plex with LInux?

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