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Author: PLUG Announcements via PLUG-discuss
To: plug-announce
CC: PLUG Announcements
Subject: New Video: William Lindley: 75 years of computers in 60 minutes
William Lindley presented "75 Years of Computing in 60 Minutes" to the
Phoenix Linux Users Group on Apr 11, 2019

The roots of modern digital computing go back nearly two hundred years,
and through a series of pass-around artifacts from the past century, we
will explore how the pioneers of the field and their groundbreaking
decisions and technologies have led us -- for better or worse -- to
today's Internet-enabled world.

*About Sebastian:*
Mr. Lindley has been in the computer industry since he sold his first
program (a printer driver for Heathkit HDOS) in 1980. He has used system
from the earliest 8-bit microprocessors, through the PDP-11 and VAX, up
to IBM mainframes, and has managed to write programs that did not crash
on most of them. Mr. Lindley has been a GNU/Linux user since 1992 and
has been free of proprietary software since 2001. Most recently he has
been pleased to be an adjunct professor at Mesa Community College.

Feedback on the video is appreciated....

Brian Cluff

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