Re: messed up network manager.

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Author: Jim via PLUG-discuss
To: plug-discuss
CC: Jim
Subject: Re: messed up network manager.
Monday I reinstalled the OS and the apps I had installed.  When that was
complete, I made a backup of the SSD this thing boots from.  To test it,
I restored the backup to an extra 1TB drive I'm not using for anything
else.  During the restore, clonezilla said something about the backup
being made from a disk at /dev/sda, and being restored to /dev/sdi.  It
said something about modifying something related to the grub install on
sdi.  When  it was done, I checked and saw I was able to mount and look
around in the disk at /dev/sdi.  I then removed the plop cd that I use
because this dinosaur doesn't like to boot from USB sticks.  It will,
but it's picky and not worth the trouble.  I rebooted the machine and
during the booting up, I realized i forgot to remove the 1TB drive I was
using.  I unplugged the USB cable and turned off the docking station. 
Immediately the machine started filling the screen with red error
messages.  It dawned on me that the BIOS is set to boot from the cd
drive first, then via usb, then the internal drive. This dinosaur that's
normally picky about booting from usb sticks was booting from a 1TB
drive connected via usb.  This thing does usb3 due to an add on card,
that it's not supposed to be able to boot from.  It seems I accidentally
stumbled onto something that could be useful.  I'll have to look into it.
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