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Author: der.hans via PLUG-discuss
To: quatsch
CC: der.hans
Subject: talks for Thursday
moin moin,

I've been striking out on getting talks for Thursday :(.

Anyone have something they want to do?

Since we're remote, we can have remote presenters if you know someone out
of town you've been wanting to get in for us.

I do have one talk set for next month

"Circular Datacenter - Natural partners for FLOSS and Open Hardware"

The Circular Datacenter is the idea that we can reuse datacenter
components and recertify them to new markets. This talk describes the
supply chain that the circular datacenter creates, and how we can leverage
that to build sustainable computational power that naturally allies itself
to free and open source software and open hardware.


# I'm not anti-social, I'm pro-individual. - der.hans
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