Re: After Linux Mint update, numerous problems ...

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Author: joe--- via PLUG-discuss
To: Main PLUG discussion list
CC: joe
Subject: Re: After Linux Mint update, numerous problems ...
Thanks to Matthew and Michael Butash for suggestions.

I did a new system update:

sudo apt update && sudo apt upgrade -y

And I have tried removing and reinstalling chrome,
but it still won't work.

Everything else seems to be working okay now.

Not sure how to do the "journalctl" thing.

Firefox works fine, but I still hope to get chrome working.

Any other suggestions?

2009-01 Michael Butash wrote (in part):
> I've had ibus break, which tends to break everything.
> Would be worth using journalctl -f as root while launching
> to see what the system is complaining about >
> Have you tried a clean user profile? Ibus tends to be
> user dependent ... to test just to log in as another user

> Aug 31, 2020 joe wrote:
>> After a Linux Mint update today, I seem to have numerous
>> problems that I did not have before the update.
>> ** Chrome browser won't open at all.

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