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Author: der.hans via PLUG-discuss
To: Michael Butash via PLUG-discuss
CC: der.hans
Subject: Re: what is my ip address
Am 30. Aug, 2020 schwätzte Michael Butash via PLUG-discuss so:

moin moin,

Looks like that's hitting the website and returning the result. There are
a couple sites like that.

We tend to use for $dayjob. Very handy to get data from

Didn't know about the /all option, thanks.



> So, I often check this in a few ways when bouncing around public internet,
> but I found today a very useful thing I never knew existed. Curl has a
> native script for checking this vs. pulling up google and typing "what is
> my ip address" or other ways. I wish I knew this existed since like
> forever.
> Might be useful for systems folk, as typically any linux system I'm on
> tends to have curl for other things.
> [user@host ~]$ curl
> x.x.x.x
> [user@host ~]$ curl
> ip_addr: x.x.x.x
> remote_host: unavailable
> user_agent: curl/7.71.1
> port: 57676
> language:
> referer:
> connection:
> keep_alive:
> method: GET
> encoding:
> mime: */*
> charset:
> via: 1.1 google
> forwarded: x.x.x.x
> HTH!
> -mb

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