Re: KMS but AMDGPU And Black Screen

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Author: Michael Butash via PLUG-discuss
To: Main PLUG discussion list
CC: Michael Butash
Subject: Re: KMS but AMDGPU And Black Screen
I'm not so sure these *aren't* active devices with a translation chip in
the middle, even my current all-in-one cable. My last dongles on my
desktop were "active", but no external power craziness., and these were the
most unstable. Club3d units, they were rated the best at the time years
ago, I wouldn't say so much. I'm not sure if any of these cables or
dongles are particularly passive devices these days. I'll carve one open
when I get annoyed enough to replace it and see.


On Wed, Aug 26, 2020 at 9:42 AM Brian Cluff via PLUG-discuss <
> wrote:

> On 8/26/20 8:32 AM, Michael Butash wrote:
> > My desktop would do this with a dongle converter + hdmi cable, some
> > 6ft, one 10. and the displays not starting would randomly change,
> > requiring the same hard unplug/plug at the DP port. I was hoping the
> > combo cable would help this trying with my laptop, but mostly the same.
> >
> > It's like whatever chinese adapter chip they use are clones of a clone
> > of a clone at this point, and just somewhat flaky crap. Like what you
> > get with flaky serial adapters, sd-radios, and other cheap electronics
> > from wish or alibaba, but the bad clones are so pervasive now, you
> > can't NOT get a piece of crap part anywhere.
> >
> ...but there aren't any fancy chips involved with your cables.
> DisplayPort is capable of directly outputting and HDMI or DVI signal,
> and that's what your cables are doing. If you wanted to involve Chinese
> chips, you would have to spend the extra money on an active converter,
> otherwise all you have is a cable with a pin out that pulls an HDMI
> signal out of the display port connector.
> Brian Cluff
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