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Author: Michael Butash via PLUG-discuss
To: Main PLUG discussion list
CC: Michael Butash
Subject: Re: Password Management Services
The problem I'm finding with the Synology is that it's akin to an embedded
os, I can't really tweak much with it without their scripts overwriting
everything. Same issue with trying to get a mail relay working on it,
their gui is too stupid to setup what I need, and I can't just tweak with
the cf files myself, as they're overwritten when the daemon is restarted.
At least I don't know enough about them to.

I need to figure out where they're seeding from, and see if I can tweak
with that, and not break my filer. I also am bugging their support, maybe
they know something I don't about this. Not really had to hack on my
synology much before, it's worked and worked well usually.

Worst case, I did get my LastPass data exported and imported into
KeePassXC, so that worked out mostly. Even got my Yubikey setup with it,
so rather happy about that.


On Tue, May 26, 2020 at 8:36 AM Stephen Partington via PLUG-discuss <
> wrote:

> Micheal, take a look at,
> I am fairly sure you can get
> this running on your synology.
> On Mon, May 25, 2020 at 11:45 PM Michael Butash via PLUG-discuss <
> > wrote:
>> BitWarden sounds rather nice actually. I'm checking it out, setting it
>> up my synology for it as a docker container. Been struggling to get my
>> synology to register for Let's Encrypt certs which is a quirk using their
>> gui/management it seems. It's not friendly with my tweaking apps from cli
>> to do manually either, plus I want renewals automagic. Grr.
>> I need to look into what I can export my lastpass data into as a format I
>> can move. I knew one day I'd be looking at this, and I have a deadline of
>> about 24 days. Hoping this works out, or worst case I'm going to check out
>> KeePassXC again for now. I know LastPass took an export from KeePassX when
>> I first did it, so presuming at least I can export that into something else
>> if needed.
>> At some point I have a few yubikeys I'd like to use, but really a pain to
>> find somewhere to plug in, particularly when attached to my car keys or a
>> lanyard. Next steps...
>> Good conversation, thanks all for the input!
>> -mb
>> On Mon, May 25, 2020 at 9:14 PM Joe Gibbs <> wrote:
>>> Good evening,
>>> A well timed thread. I recently moved to an iPhone and iPad from a LG G6
>>> Android phone and Samsung tablet. My old password manager (Password Safe @
>>> wasn't going to work on the new Mac OS. It appears
>>> that BitWarden might be a good replacement for it.
>>> I am on a little home vacation this week and will give it a try to see
>>> how it works for me. I use a Macbook Pro for work but Window 10 for home
>>> computing. Guess I have all the OS bases covered at this point, except a
>>> pure linux host.
>>> Thanks for the suggestion.
>>> Joe Gibbs
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