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Author: Snyder, Alexander J via PLUG-discuss
To: PLUG Distro
CC: Snyder, Alexander J
Subject: Plex Media Server ...
If anyone out there is a fan of Plex Media Server, I could really use some
help on this brain teaser.

Server Version#:
OS: CentOS 8, 4.18.0-147.8.1.el8_1.x86_64

This is a plain jane fresh install. I’m not trying to claim or recover
anything. I have fully gutted my plex “Authorized Devices”, I have fully
deleted plex, and removed all files, I have signed out entirely from the
web account, I have signed out of every other portal I can. I have flushed
my cache, and even rebooted the server where Plex was installed.

I’m starting fresh.

I go to plex, and download copy the link to the public 64-bit RPM.

$ dnf -y install

everything installs just fine.

systemctl status plexmediaserver: RUNNING (no errors)

(in a private browser):

I get immediately forwarded to:!/setup/

Prompted to sign in … no issues


Like I said, I’m not trying to claim a server or anything – fresh install.

I don’t understand what’s going wrong.

P.S. – Been using Plex without issues for 3 years, just decided to do it
all over with a dedicated video card, and CentOS 8.
EDIT: Added Logs, of all steps outlined above.Plex Media Server.log
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