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Author: Brian Cluff via PLUG-discuss
To: plug-discuss
CC: Brian Cluff
Subject: Re: seagate drive
The answer is almost certainly yes, but my biggest piece of advice for
you on that would be not to store anything on it that you don't have
very well backed up.  The Seagate 2tb drives are terrible.  I have a
100% failure rate on them after about 2 years give or take, and I've
been through a couple dozen on them and the word on the street is that
my experience isn't strange.

Brian Cluff

On 5/20/20 12:21 PM, Michael via PLUG-discuss wrote:
> I'm getting a used 2TB drive and I can't find anything about linux
> compatibility. It is a Seagate Goflex home. My dad says the model
> number is:
> bybap1-520
> or
> pk:pgaw-duzm-nnwp-kybw
> but after about 15 minutes of searching I've given up. Does anyone
> know off hand if it will work?

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