mounting ext4 partition

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Author: Jim via PLUG-discuss
To: plug-discuss
CC: Jim
Old-Topics: Munich moving back to Linux
Subject: mounting ext4 partition
I have some hard drives in my computer that I back up using Grsync.  I
have one of those USB hard drive docking stations I put another drive in
when I'm ready to do a backup.  The backup works fine, but when I go to
unmount the drive containing the backup, the system prompts me for my
password.  Is there some change I can make in fstab to stop the system
nagging me for my password?  Here is the entry in fstab for one of the
backup drives.

UUID=797f7b69-9b84-4b22-8e64-73f9104eb79e /media/delboy/boffo ext4
noauto,user        0    0


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