Need to contract hire a Linux expert and c-programmer ...

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Author: Joe Lowder
To: plug-discuss
Subject: Need to contract hire a Linux expert and c-programmer ...
We all appreciate all of the great help that we get from
all of the very helpful and knowledgable guys on the PLUG
list. Yet, I would also like to hire someone who is a Linux
expert _and_ c-programmer to help me solve some things ...
including creating a custom Linux live flash drive.

One c-programming objective pertains to a small utility
that I have used every day for the past 30+ years. It has
worked flawlessly on a number of different flavor Linux
installs on many dozens of computers.

The utility is called: 'readin' and it works similiarly
to the standard linux or 'c' command 'read' except it acts
instantly instead of requiring the user to press <ENTER>

Today, I found that it did not work when I copied it on
to a new installation of Linux Mint 18.3 on a Lenovo
model 500 laptop, giving me a segmentation core fault.

So, I wonder if the source code perhaps needs to be
re-compiled for this kernel? Or, is there something else
I could try? The current compiled version and the source
code can be downloaded from these links:

Hope somebody can help or refer me to someone who can
fix this.

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