Re: using lasers to trigger smart home devices

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Author: Jim
To: plug-discuss
Subject: Re: using lasers to trigger smart home devices
It looks like a laser amplitude modulated with the desired command will
work. This video reminds me of something I heard about in high school in
1983.  Everyone in town who had cable tv, had the same model cable box. 
Each one came with an infrared remote.  I heard about someone walking
down the street at night, aiming their remote into other peoples'
windows and changing channels on their cable box or turning it off.

On 12/31/19 12:20 PM, der.hans wrote:
> moin moin,
> For Smarter Every Day Dustin covered a project that's using lasers to
> silently trigger 'smart home' devices.
> Not quite an electronic lock pick set, but still a demonstration that IoT
> comes with a lot of privacy and security issues.
> ciao,
> der.hans

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