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Author: Scott Sparks
To: Main PLUG discussion list
Subject: U-Haul Job Posting - Full Stack Developer
My team at U-Haul is looking for both a Senior and a Junior Developer, and
I wanted to see if there was any interest. So far, only the Senior
position is posted, but the Junior is coming soon:

We've been historically an on-premises Windows shop, but over the last year
we've been migrating to a more hybrid environment in Azure. We're hoping
for experience in SQL to assist with some initiatives with deploying
PostgreSQL datastores and consuming Kafka feeds, allowing us to rewrite
some of our key applications and reduce dependencies. Sites and services
will likely still be written in C#, while migrating to more .Net Core
libraries, away from pure .Net Framework, and our existing databases are
SQL Server.

Fair warning, one of our key apps is still written in VB.Net, though it is
slated for a rewrite in the future.

We're a highly collaborative environment with open ears for ideas. I know
it's not a lot of free software in the environment now, but there is
reasonable space to include more as the company moves forward.

Thanks for your time.

- Scotty
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- Graycie Harmon
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