Re: Is it screw with your admin day?

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Author: der.hans
To: Seabass, Main PLUG discussion list
Subject: Re: Is it screw with your admin day?
Am 02. Nov, 2019 schwätzte Seabass so:

moin moin,

ain't it fun? :)

I recommend moving it to a safer name first.

mv -i ./-p dashpee
rm -r dashpee



> I suddenly found the folder “-p” in my home directory, one day...
> “ ls -p”
> -p/
> “ ls -p/”
> / is not a flag option
> ”ls *”
> -p
> “ls */*”
> No file nor directory...
> “rm -p”
> -p isn’t a flag
> So....
> I dunno about you guys, but this sucked figuring out how to handle.
> It can be removed with
> “rm -r ./-p/“
> But everything else makes it into a flag.
> Moral of the story:
> If a file like “-a” shows up and it’s existence bothers you,
> “./“ or some other path behind it!

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