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Author: der.hans
To: Main PLUG discussion list
Subject: Re: Displaying a program on 2 screens at the same time
Am 16. Feb, 2019 schwätzte Brian Cluff so:

moin moin Brian,

Yeah, but can you setup two KDE workspaces to mirror?

Workspace 0: normal desktop
Workspace 1: presentation
workspace 2: presentation

Hmm, even without mirror, pin Hugin to two desktops.

Have two dual desktop workspaces.

|0|1| <- workspace 0
|2|3| <- workspace 1

0 and 1 are one workspace for presentation mode.

2 and 3 are the second workspace for demo mode.

0 gets LibreOffice notes for laptop screen.
1 gets LibreOffice presentation for external screen.
2 gets Hugin, pinned to 2 and 3, for laptop screen.
3 gets Hugin, pinned to 2 and 3, for external screen.

Then during the presentation switch between the workspaces.

Gonna have to experiment with this myself.



> It's a laptop, so 2 ports on the same card.  Getting the notes on a separate
> display isn't the problem. It's when you go to do a demonstration of a
> different program it's only one one or the other screens and I need it to be
> on both screens.
> When I gave my presentation at plug it required to me switch back and forth
> between separate displays and mirrored displays.  A side effect of mirroring
> the displays was that it completely freaked out the presentation and required
> that it be restarted.
> Using my Kmag trick you can mirror your local display in a windows on the
> projector display so that when you demonstrate the other software you can
> both see the same thing without having to change your display type.
> My original question was to see if there was a better way to do what I'm
> doing using a more purpose built piece of software.
> As far a Kmag goes, one nice side effect of using it is that if the projector
> is a lower resolution than your laptop it will pan the display around so that
> you can see the whole screen so you aren't stuck with only a partial screen
> like what happens when you mirror the display, so it can be good thing even
> if your aren't using Libreoffice Impress.
> Brian Cluff
> On 2/16/19 4:28 PM, Jason Spatafore wrote:
>> Brian,
>> For your dual monitor situation, are you using a single head (1 video card)
>> or dual head (2 video cards)?
>> Keep in mind I'm talking cards, not ports on the cards. (Video cards can
>> have multiple ports. Mine has 2 x HDMI and 1 x DVI)
>> Attached is a screenshot using Impress on a single head configuration with
>> dual monitors. Notice one monitor is the actual presentation (right side)
>> and the other monitor is the presenter's screen (left side).
>> I accomplished this by pressing the F5 key (which is the key to start the
>> presentation).
>> Now, the reason for the question. When you run a dual head configuration,
>> it gets really tricky to extend desktops between the heads. This gets
>> especially wonky with nVidia cards, and it architecturally makes sense on
>> why there's a limitation (memory space). The only way I've worked around it
>> was to run two desktops, one on each head. And I was only able to
>> accomplish that successfully using XFCE. Gnome and KDE didn't play well
>> with multiple head configurations for me.
>> I hope this helps. I run Ubuntu 18.04 and the screenshot attached was a
>> default install allowing Ubuntu to set the dual monitor configuration. I
>> can likely exchange some config files with you if you wanted to explore how
>> it self configured. I can say with this setup, I can run steam games on one
>> monitor while watching Netflix on the other (which is the typical style of
>> use for multiple monitors). And as you can see, Impress will allow me to
>> have a presenter screen and slide show screen.
>> On 2/16/19 12:38 PM, Brian Cluff wrote:
>>> For those of you that saw my Hugin presentation at last Thursday's meeting
>>> you would have noticed that I had some difficulty switching back and forth
>>> between the presentation and doing a demo of the software.
>>> The reason for this is that I was running Libreoffice Impress in dual
>>> monitor mode so that I can see my notes and the next slide. I could solve
>>> the problem by just mirroring the display, but that causes problems by
>>> eliminating my notes and other resources. There is also the possibility of
>>> using a tablet to control the presentation, but that might not be reliable
>>> at SCaLE when I do the presentation again.
>>> So what I need is a way to display a program on both monitors at the same
>>> time without having to mirror the display.
>>> I think I might have a workable solution by abusing the kmag program and
>>> setting it's magnification to 1:1, but I wonder if there is a better or
>>> more purpose built solution to accomplish the same thing.  If there is,
>>> great, I'd love to hear about it, if there isn't then this message can
>>> serve as a possible solution for others to increase the quality of their
>>> presentations.
>>> Brian Cluff
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