ASULUG Raspberry Pi Workshop this Saturday (fwd)

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Author: der.hans
To: quatsch
Subject: ASULUG Raspberry Pi Workshop this Saturday (fwd)
moin moin,

ASULUG is having a Raspberry Pi workshop tomorrow.


# "My team has created a very innovative solution, but we're still looking
# for a problem to go with it." -- Randy Glasbergen, 14Mar2006

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Date: Thu, 7 Feb 2019 23:33:41 -0700
From: Kevin Stevens <>
Reply-To: ASULUG Arizona State University Linux Users Group <>
Subject: Raspberry Pi Workshop this Saturday

Hey ASULUG members,

We'll be having this semester's first *Raspberry Pi workshop* *this
Saturday* (Feb. 9) from *11 to 5 in COOR 184*. We hosted two of these
events last semester, and they've proven to be quite popular!

Bring your own Pi if you have one (and peripherals for it: monitor,
keyboard, mouse, power supply, etc.); otherwise, you can borrow one of
ours. We'll split up into small groups and work on various projects with
the Pis.

Hope you can join us!
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