Learn JavaScript from book (ECMA Script is free software)

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Author: trent shipley
To: plug-discuss
Subject: Learn JavaScript from book (ECMA Script is free software)
I'm looking for JavaScript textbook suggestions and critiques.

My colleague and I were recently hired as contractors for SRP for GUI user
testing of enterprise software. (Autistic people have a reputation for
tolerating, and even being good at software testing, so its a case of
affirmative action. Who am I to argue with an unjustified gift.) My
younger coworker only knew HTML and CSS when he was hired. I've got a
community college certificate of completion in computer programming, and
two or three years of experience. Plus, I'm learning that I'm at least
modestly gifted as a programmer. I have coursework in HTML, CSS, and
JavaScript at the entry level.

The proprietary GUI testing tool is currently programmed in VBScript, but
the rumor, that is very likely true, is that they plan to go to JavaScript.

I offered to study either JavaScript or Python on our own time, or VBScript
if he could talk the bosses into putting the training on the clock. So
it's Monday and Thursdays after work studying JavaScript as an introduction
to programming. (I was hoping he'd opt for Python. I want to learn

I'm not really impressed with internet free tutorials. I want a book with
a decent number of exercises and short projects with most in the easy to
moderate range, priced under $100, and preferably around $50 or less.

I know I didn't like my textbook, Murach's JavaScript, 2nd Ed. The price
was right, but it wasn't challenging enough.

If you work at SRP and want to join us, let me know. The more the
merrier. I think there will be a lot of pair programming.

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