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Author: Carruth, Rusty
To: Main PLUG discussion list
Subject: RE: To swap or not to swap ;-) (was RE: To lvm or not to lvm)
80GB of memory? And I thought I was bad at 15G ;-)

Firefox leaks, or something. And our IT has a stupid rule in place that they force on us which makes it impossible to reach our private subnet since all 192.168.*.* addresses are forced to go to the web proxy (REALLY, local-only, non-routable IP addresses MUST go through a proxy??? Gah!!!). They have made it so we cannot change the proxy setting on our computer (other than on/off, as I remember), so since Chrome and Windows Exploiter use the lockdown setting I can’t even bother using them (short of turning off the proxy for them, which as I sit here typing I’m not sure I can do, and if I did then I couldn’t use it for anything else!).

Have filed a ticket with our IT, of course, but I’ll be lucky if I hear anything this month or even next.


From: PLUG-discuss [] On Behalf Of Michael Butash
Sent: Monday, September 24, 2018 3:03 PM
To: PLUG Phoenix List
Subject: Re: To swap or not to swap ;-) (was RE: To lvm or not to lvm)

My biggest issues are … browsers using 80gb of memory, and libreoffice going crazy occasionally.

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