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Author: Matthew Crews
To: Main PLUG discussion list
Subject: Re: zfs on linux
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On Saturday, September 22, 2018 9:38 PM, Ed <> wrote:

> Michael - ZFS will run on Linux, but is most at home on FreeBSD - and the only way to boot from an encrypted partition that I have heard of. Might be worth a look.

ZFS currently does not have native encryption on either Linux or FreeBSD, but it is coming soon. Currently both OSs need to use some form of block level encryption either on top of, or beneath, ZFS. In Linux's case it is LUKS, and FreeBSD it is GELI. Also ZFS handles RAID better than MDADM. Whenever using ZFS and RAID, you should let ZFS handle it natively.

Probably what I would do for an encrypted ZFS RAID is this or similar (at least until native ZFS encryption is available)

     |            |
   Vdev1        Vdev2
     |            |
 ---------     ---------
  |      |     |       |

  |      |     |       |

Disk_1 Disk_2 Disk_3 Disk_4

Alternatively you could pool everything into a single zpool, then make an encrypted dataset on top of the Zpool.

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