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Author: Matthew Crews
To: Main PLUG discussion list
Subject: Re: zfs on linux
On 9/22/18 7:22 PM, Michael Butash wrote:
> Anyone actually using zfs on linux out there?  Ala something like this
> <>
> ideally?
> When last I installed arch, there was a limit in the kernel that
> couldn't boot zfs for some reason, but otherwise tried it and liked what
> I saw.  I'm more interested in encryption+boot if possible, but don't
> know anyone using zfs for anything real yet.
> I'd like to replace my md+luks+lvm setup with something that can do all
> native for raid+encryption+dynamic volumes, just would love to see
> someone else doing so already.
> -mb

I use ZFS on Ubuntu and I've used it on Debian, both with and without

The ZFS on Linux wiki has instructions of an encrypted Ubuntu install
using LUKS.

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