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Author: Jim
To: plug-discuss
Subject: Re: VPN on virtual machine
Thanks for the advice.  I'll have to do some more reading to understand
all that well enough to try it myself, and get some cash together before
I buy a computer that will support all that.

I have a Dell 32 bit dinosaur (wallace kubuntu 14) and this computer
(ladmo kubuntu 18 64 bit).  I have apache2 on wallace so I can share the
occasional file with friends.  Instead of taking a short sound clip and
making a video out of it so I can share it with friends on facebook, I
just put it on wallace and give them the url.  I also keep copies of my
pictures and music collection on wallace.  So I have /var/www/html on
wallace and the user account on wallace mounted on ladmo via nfs.   I
also have an ssh server on wallace so I can access it from ladmo and so
I can transfer files between my phone and wallace via sftp.  I had
wallace connected to the router via the 100 mbit nic built into it until
Saturday when I found a gigabit nic in the cabinet where I keep boxes of

Good luck with your setup Michael.  I would suspect nobody knows what
you're doing online except the CIA. :-)

On 09/19/2018 10:34 PM, Michael Butash wrote:
> I use transmission-daemon as a server on the vm with the vpn, and
> connect to the server on port 9091 with a transmission-remote client
> on your local lan workstation.  The vpn should override your default
> routing, and make sure to kill ipv6 as a sysctl too.  I setup a dns
> for the local server ip running the transmission server, and make it
> available on a bridged interface to the rest of my lan.  I use
> stickshift on my phone to manage/view them then.  I usually run squid
> socks proxy on it too, using a proxy switcher on chrome as an
> extension to flip between on and off use out that connection as well.
> For extra credit, I setup unbound to do encrypted dns to cloudflare on
> it via some google tutorials, and I use zerotier as a link all my
> servers and clients into a local-ish lan vpn that I can access on
> cell, work, public wifi, wherever really.  Check them out at
> <>.
> -mb
> On Tue, Sep 18, 2018 at 3:56 PM Jim <
> <>> wrote:
>     I finally got the vpn working, but I'm having trouble with
>     bittorrent.  So far I've tried Deluge. The next time I have time
>     to mess with it, I can try another bittorrent client.  Michael,
>     which one do you use?

>     On 09/18/2018 11:35 AM, Michael Butash wrote:
>>     How are you configuring the openvpn connection? Using PIA vpn,
>>     they give you an openvpn file to connect with, or at least did
>>     last I set it up, and otherwise should just need the package
>>     dependencies installed with openvpn.

>>     I'd say launch openvpn via the cli in debug to see what errors
>>     it's giving with the ovpn file.

>>     Bridge or nat should be irrelevant, I've run mine both ways.  You
>>     should only need ports 1194 out to your VPN provider, you don't
>>     need to port forward one back, and actually recommend you do NOT
>>     unless you're wanting an openvpn server yourself to connect back
>>     to.  Mine works fine out via NAT.

>>     -mb

>>     On Mon, Sep 17, 2018 at 10:57 PM Jim <
>>     <>> wrote:

>>         I decided to try a virtual machine for bittorrent.  The host
>>         machine
>>         runs kubuntu 14.04 with 4GB RAM. I've installed virtualbox
>>         5.2.18.  The
>>         virtual machine is running lubuntu 18 and has 1GB RAM.  The
>>         problem is
>>         with the vpn.  I can't get openvpn or pptp to work.  I
>>         configured them
>>         using the same instructions I did on the host machine.  When
>>         I try to
>>         start a VPN connction(openvpn or pptp)  on the guest machine,
>>         the icon
>>         appears to show it's trying to connect, then it just stops
>>         without
>>         offering any error message.  In  Virtualbox's settings for
>>         the guest
>>         machine under network, I chose attached to NAT.

>>         Any ideas what I should do different?

>>         thanks

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