Re: 10,000 jobs could be lost to robots says Citi

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Author: Matt Birkholz
To: Eric Oyen, Main PLUG discussion list
Subject: Re: 10,000 jobs could be lost to robots says Citi
On Wed, 2018-06-13 at 16:17 -0700, Eric Oyen wrote:
> Ah yes, technical humor!

I thought it was "meta humor", but I'll consider it a success. Thanks!

> Anyway, here’s a different take on jobs, robots and the rest of us.
> Robots are always going to need periodic updating, maintenance and upgrades. [...]

And shares in the companies that will make these outrageous profits can
be bought by anyone (but do wait for the stock bubble to pop).

How's this for a "take" on jobs:

Newspapers are unable, seemingly, to discriminate between a bicycle
accident and the collapse of civilization.
- G. Bernard Shaw

> So, those of us who are technically competent will still end up with jobs [...]

I know more physicists and engineers who went on to law, high-finance,
biotech&geology (in rapid succession in one case), and beer- and wine-
making (two individual cases) than those who stayed where they were.

> You will also have the hobbyist tinkerer (like me) who will be[...]

...who will be (speaking collectively) the locus of the next disruptive
technology and, compounded, the singularity. Pick your approach vector

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