Re: 10,000 jobs could be lost to robots says Citi

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Author: PLUG-discuss
To: Main PLUG discussion list
Subject: Re: 10,000 jobs could be lost to robots says Citi
wow David. Yikes!!

I posted this link because we are in the center of some big changes that
no one is talking about. I never intended it to become political.

I wholeheartedly disagree with your native. The president does not
control all things. And the native that he hates immigrants is a tired
narrative. He wants to get illegal migration under control. Did you
know that 20% of federal prisoners are illegally here. The state
percentage is higher. Did you know most of the homicide warrants out of
L.A are for those who are illegally here? I can go on if you like.
Illegal migration hurts every American.

Let's talk about education. I often read of the success stories of
those who build skills. The education is out there. One just needs to
take advantage of the opportunities. Yes one might have to pay their
dues to get an education and build some skills. I know this better than
anyone. I joined the USMC and received the GI Bill. I worked mid-night
shift while attending college. If you want something then you might
have to work for it. I was not born with a silver spoon in my mouth. I
worked hard and every day. I pulled myself up by my boot straps and
almost every day those boot straps broke. But I continued.

Everyone wants things easy. This is America, the land of opportunity.
If you want something start working for it. I'm reading that Silicon
Valley is being taken over by immigrants from India. I read they are
doing well at building tech companies. Why is that? Why is it they can
do it and we can't? Could it be we have grown soft?

As for the shortage of programmer you mention, I say take advantage of
it while it lasts. Hunker down. Spend less and liquidate your personal
debt. There is a big storm coming.

The glass is half full and it is half empty. I had a boss that used to
say there is opportunity in chaos. We are about to go through one of the
toughest times in America. And it is in our face.

On 2018-06-12 22:54, David Schwartz wrote:

> Well, the Good News for folks on this list is that the software industry has still done virtually nothing to improve our own productivity, and as a result the Dept of Labor is still estimating a general shortage of over a million programmers by 2020.
> We (as in WE THE PEOPLE) should be investing heavily in developing new technological solutions to replace these jobs, as well as retraiing people displaced by corporations more interested in their shareholders than society.
> But instead, "shrinking the government" is leaving this investment to the same companies who are laying them off and complaining that there aren't enough "qualified employees" to build the next generation of technology already.
> And instead of investing in educating the masses (or even retraining the people they're laying off), they're buying back stock and investing their profits in off-shore facilities where they can hire labor at a fraction of the cost of US labor.
> Who needs to deal with immigrants when Congress is giving you billions of dollars in free money to invest in whatever you can create that gives your shareholders the greatest ROI they can possibly get?
> To add insult to injury, as much as Trump hates immigrants, I'm not holding my breath until he announces unlimited H-1B visas for people with degrees in "in-demand" fields like software and engineering (STEM) from countries with an excess of graduates in those fields, like India, Pakistan, China, S. Korea, Japan, and others.
> As long as Trump is in office, your best investment is going to be in the stock market. Because wages will remain flat, layoffs will increase, the job market will shrink, job retraining will disappear, unemployment benefits will shrink, welfare will be harder to get, and Trump will do whatever it takes to appease his billionaire buddies.
> -David Schwartz
>> On Jun 12, 2018, at 6:42 PM, wrote:
>> The article says in part "...advances in automation will lead to the loss of over 5 million jobs in 15 major developed and emerging economies by 2020.".
>> [1]
>> I'm starting to see lots of articles like this one. I'm reading that whole industries will be wiped out within the next 20 years.
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