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Author: Nathan-plug
To: plug-discuss
Subject: Zabbix web monitoring
Question for the Zabbix users,

I am using weewx with a VangatePro2 weather station and need to make
sure the page displaying the weather is being refreshed. Weewx works by
talking to the VantagePro weather station and then outputs html based on
a template file every 60 seconds. I had a scenario where weewx was
running but the weather station was not talking so being that there was
new no input, weewx didn't refresh the page.
I created a web scenario in Zabbix to monitor the site but it only
triggers if i get a response other than 200 and doesn't tell me if the
info on the page is old. I'm not sure what I need to do to make sure
the page is being refreshed.


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