Need a cheap graphics card

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Author: Victor Odhner
To: PLUG-discuss
Subject: Need a cheap graphics card
Can anyone sell me a cheap graphics card?

Needed: 1080p, fairly recent, open source Linux drivers.
Not needed: gaming-level speed or the most delicious color.

I’m thinking someone out there might have upgraded their graphics and has an “inferior” card lying around, not very old.

I’m in the Paradise Valley area. I’d come out to meet you (Chandler, Surprise, Anthem…) if the deal is reasonable. If there’s something that’s not AMD or NVIDIA, but is reliably Linux friendly, that might still be worth the trip.

Why I need this:
My built-in DVI-D port stopped working as a secondary HDMI.
I have some more diagnostic angles, but not time to work them right now.
So I need a Plan B to get things working ASAP.

Victor Odhner

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