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Author: David Schwartz
To: Main PLUG discussion list
Subject: Re: OT: New Email Home?
Do you do any web hosting?

Virtually every reasonable web hosting account today has email support included.

A shared hosting account can be had pretty cheaply these days.

I’ve run a “reseller” type account for years, because it lets me set up separate hosting accounts for each domain. That means if one gets hacked, it doesn’t take out all the others. (I do NOT “resell” hosting!)

I recently moved to a shared SSD hosting account at, and I’ve been quite happy so far.

Shared hosting of any kind can be a challenge, because they load-up the servers with accounts, and over time performance slowly degrades as they add more accounts and people use their accounts more.

I was blown away with the performance boost switching to an SSD hosting account! I’m sure it will peter off over time, but for now it’s crazy fast.

And … so there’s no mistake about what I’m referring to here … most of my use is EMAIL. My websites are mostly just parking pages right now.

I use these for my INCOMING email, and I use sendgrid for all outgoing mail. This lets me effectively shut down my outgoing SMTP service so when hackers get into my accounts, they can’t use the email as a relay, which is what the vast majority of hackers are after. (Sendgrid is free for the first 10,000 emails per month; I don’t think I hit 50.)

Anyway, I see that has SSD-100 shared hosting right now for $2.98/mo. That’s probably on a 3-yr prepaid plan. But they’re offering a 50% discount on that page, and a coupon for 30% on their home page. Whatever the discount is, like most hosting providers it’s only valid on your first payment. I think I signed up for a 1-yr plan of reseller hosting for $75.

These guys offer vanilla cPanel hosting for managing everything. And if you want to throw up a wordpress site or two, it takes about two minutes.

-David Schwartz

> On Jan 1, 2018, at 5:22 PM, Victor Odhner <> wrote:
> I want to open a new email account, using a good solid provider with decent security. My requirements aren’t paranoid, but I don’t want another Yahoo.
> I’m willing to pay something like $20 - $40 a year for a reputable service with no ads.
> I could use Startmail (I do my searches via StartPage), but that’s $60/year and I don’t need all that encryption, though I wouldn’t turn it down.
> Suggestions? Experience?
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