PLUG Meeting topic for Thursday February 8th

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Author: PLUG Announcements
To: plug-announce
Subject: PLUG Meeting topic for Thursday February 8th

PLUG Meeting for February 8th


    This month *der.hans will present Regular Expressions-A guided tour *

    Plus More ... TBA*

    *For more info, Meeting time and location see:*

** ****
*der.hans: Regular Expressions-A guided tour *

*Description: *
Example driven introduction to regular expressions. The talk uses plain
English to explain regular expression concepts, syntax and language.
Common tools such as grep, sed and awk will provide conduits for
demonstrating regular expressions.

Many of our favorite system administration tools use regular expressions
for text matching. While using plain English to describe regular
expressions the example driven introduction will explain regular
expression concepts, syntax and language. Examples will include common
tools such as grep, sed and awk.

*About der.hans:*
der.hans is a Free Software community veteran, presenter and author. He
is the founder of the Free Software Stammtisch, BoF organizer for the
Southern California Linux Expo (SCaLE) and chairman of the Phoenix Linux
User Group (PLUG).

As a technology and entrepreneurial veteran, roles have included
director of engineering, engineering manager, IS manager, system
administrator, community college instructor, developer and DBA.

He presents regularly at large community-led conferences (SCaLE, SeaGL,
LibrePlanet, LFNW) and many local groups.

The meeting will start at 7pm at The Desert Breeze Substation.  People
start arriving as early as 6pm, so if you would like to help setup
and/or chat for a while, arrive a little early.
*Meeting Location*:
Desert Breeze Substation
251 North Desert Breeze Blvd West
Chandler, AZ 85226

The Desert Breeze Substation is on Chandler Blvd and Desert Breeze Blvd,
which is half way between McClintock and Rural.  It is very close to
both the south 202 and 101 freeways.  Public transportation is
available into the late hours.

For more information see the meeting information on our web site

Contact PLUG:

We will go for food to BJs at the Chandler Fashion Center Mall after the
meeting so we can chat with each other comfortably. Please feel free to
join us. Please come even if you aren't hungry, the food is not mandatory.

See you there,
Brian Cluff

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