OT: Major Intel Memory Vulnerability - worse than Y2K?

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Author: Victor Odhner
To: Main PLUG discussion list
Subject: OT: Major Intel Memory Vulnerability - worse than Y2K?
So, Eric — You don’t think Y2K had consequences?

It just happened to be a raft of stupid bugs that the industry dealt with in time.
I was coding around Y2K bugs as early as 1979, as were lots of other people, just matter of factly planning on Y2K, but some of the older and more primitive stuff wasn’t being looked at until the late 1990s, and lots of production lines would have gone nuts.

As for how much damage this year's vulnerability will do, yeah, strap in for the ride. Hopefully it will help people think about Internet of Things. (Banned from my house, as much as possible, but I can’t control my Vizio TV.)

And self-driving cars are going to be scarey, but I’ll need a driver in another 10 years if I’m still around. I might already be more dangerous behind the wheel than a compromised automatic driver . . . . But I agree with Stephen, at least they need an air gap between the Internet and the robotic driver.

Even then, some rich kids *will* get kidnapped on the way to school by their hacked chauffeur-bots, it’s bound to happen, too obvious. And remember the TV series “Extant,” where the top robotics guy was assassinated by the central computer which locked him in his car on the railroad track. (I’m sorry, Dave….)

On 20180105, at 11:27, Eric Oyen <> wrote:

oh boy. This sounds like another Y2K problem, only this one has some reality about it and real consequences.

from the central offices of the Technomage Guild, Truth or Consequences Dept.

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