Thanks.  I've read that tonight.  Earlier just for the fun of it I installed the Radeon drivers on winsows10.  I installed handbrake and had it transcode the same video I experimented with earlier.  When I chose the codec,  I found H.264 (AMD_VCE).  There was also an H.265 AMD_VCE option but I didn't try it.  Handbrake in Windows was transcoding the video at around 100 to 110 fps and only using 1% of the CPU.  I may not use hardware acceleration for encoding often, but I'd like to have it available.  It doesn't matter to me if I use the open source drivers or the proprietary ones.  I can't help but wonder why it won't work in Linux.

On 4/5/24 15:29, z via PLUG-discuss wrote:
I also don't think I made it clear that mesa is probably better than the proprietary AMD drivers on linux. The same is untrue on NVIDIA.

Apr 5, 2024 15:11:16 z via PLUG-discuss <>:

Do you truly need proprietary drivers? That card is one of the best supported by open source software. So I would just install mesa, which should be easily installed from your distro's package manager, if it's not installed already.

Assuming you do need proprietary, maybe try a reboot if you haven't already? It's giving a missing binary error and sometimes I get those after a kernel update and not rebooting.


Apr 5, 2024 14:43:44 Jim via PLUG-discuss <>:

Today the Radeon RX580 graphics card I bought arrived.  To get the drivers for the card, I went here  where I downloaded amdgpu-install_6.0.60002-1_all.deb

Next I started following the instructions at then I started running into problems.

amdgpu-install --vulkan=amdvlk,pro gave me 2 errors:

E: Unable to locate package vulkan-amdgpu-pro and the same for vulkan-amdgpu-pro:i386

I kept going and entered amdgpu-install -y  --usecase=workstation

That returned the errors Unable to locate package amdgpu-pro and amdgpu-pro-lib32

With the error messages I figured I'd have problems, but I tried to find out if I could use the hardware acceleration so I entered:

ffmpeg -i input.mp4 -c:v h264_amf -c:a copy output.mp4

That gave me several errors.  The first one was [h264_amf @ 0x562e1f855380] DLL failed to open

So I tried sudo updatedb and locate which returned nothing.  That told me the file wasn't there.

I tried to transcode a file with Handbrake but it didn't show h264_amf among the available codec options.

I tried searching for how to install but all I got was references to steps I already tried.

Did I make a mistake somwhere or does AMD need to fix something?

Thank for your help.


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