Well that's disturbing.

Glad to hear you're back with us, the world can't afford to lose a Linux nerd! We're a precious commodity!!!

The first thing I would do is see if it's actually transmitting. Any RF analyzer from Amazon should be able to tell you, and what frequency it's on, if it is.

That'll tell you quickly if it's a WiFi thing or a wireless video thing. If it's WiFi thing, there a few NetSec tricks (like de-auth packet attack) that can help you to see what network its on, or what it's trying to connect to 

If it's Wireless video, super-creeper mode, then that same RF Analyzer can probably do some basic jamming.

As far as RF triangulation, that's too far outside my wheelhouse to speak intelligently, sorry.


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On Thu, Apr 4, 2024, 19:01 Mike Bushroe via PLUG-discuss <plug-discuss@lists.phxlinux.org> wrote:
I have been lurking for a long time and just returned from a 10 month session in hospitals, extended care facilities, other hospitals, rehab places, more nursing care, other hospitals etc after having a major brain injury and brain surgery. During this time my sisters have been feeding the cats and spending a little bit of time looking after the place. During this time the doorbell had shorted out and a new wireless doorbell put in its place. When I found out about I asked my sisters how had put it in so I could find the user's manual to see how to convert it to my system. Only none of them knew anything about it, just assumed that one of the others had put it in.
Now I am facing the problem of someone having secure access to my front door. And while I have
been gone for so long things, including expensive things have gone missing. Some locked up but with hours or days of knowing when no one will be there can make it easy to get to.
So what I am hoping for is if someone knows of a program to detect when something transmits from a few inches away and then some way to triangulate on where else that network is coming from. It seems unlikely that anyone else within range would also not notice a wireless doorbell suddenly showing on their front door. Perhaps even just wireshark watching for which WiFi groups suddenly light up when somebody walks in front of the camera. Such as CoxHiFi, Nighthawk.

Sorry for the long gap between messages and then the big request.

Mike Bushroe



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