Linux geeks, et al --

In 2019 I purchased a "15U Rack Enclosure Server Cabinet - 29 in. Deep - Built-in Fans" from ( Back then, it cost me $860, which is a few hundred less than it's going for right now ($1,081.99 USD)

I have since upgraded to a 32U 4-post rack. I would like to offer this cabinet to this community at a significant discount, perhaps free (-ish) if there were an equitable trade proposed.

The only thing "wrong" with the cabinet is the locking mechanism on the front door is kind of broken -- it still works, but a nut or other some kind of retention has come off, and the lock spins around ... the door shuts and seals no problem, but the handle will spin 360 degrees and won't "lock"...

With that known, I'd like to get $350 for the cabinet -- or, as I mentioned, I'm open to a trade -- as I need help with Docker, Docker networks, and VLANs with Docker. I would value this help at $100 per hour -- 6 hours of expert assistance would get you the cabinet for FREE.

If anyone is interested, please let me know.