SteamOS was built for the creation of Steam Gaming consoles. And while they never quite took off as the hardware vendors wanted to steamos has not gone away.

But based on some reading SteamOS 3.0 is coming, and the way it is talked about makes it sound like arch is the thing. Although I am not seeing any hard announcement of SteamOS 3.0 yet

This si also really interesting to ready through

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> moin moin,
> It's Linux-based and they claims to support installing 3rd party software
> and even other Operating Systems.
> That'll make games even more dynamic since NPC won't respawn, they'll
> recompile :).

This is a *huge* win for Linux and Linux Gaming. Here's hoping that it
is popular and does well.


*May* be a huge win.  Haven't we seen a few Linux-based consoles come out and not really move the needle at all?  Wasn't one of them from Valve?

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