This is a plug for a computer shop on Bell Road facing Tatum Blvd.

  Computers & ?    Pronounced “Computers and Questions.”
  4727 E. Bell Rd. Ste. #65 Phoenix

What they did for us (twice) was let us keep using a computer while they got the parts for repair.

My wife’s year-old HP laptop needed a keyboard replacement: a row of keys had died. Best Buy’s Geek Squad would have sent it away for up to two weeks, but she couldn’t spare it for that long.

Computers & ? sent for the part, while she worked through a spare USB keyboard I had lying around. They installed it in about four hours. The price was very reasonable, and minimum time lost.

A few weeks later my 2012 MacBook Pro got the dead-keys disease.
Computers & ? specializes on Apple. Again, I had the use of my laptop with the USB keyboard for a few days, and they did the repair in a few hours. And again the price was good.

Of course I could have fixed each of these myself, with about a 15% risk that I’d break it, and maybe a day or two of head-scratching and re-do. I’m one of those “I can fix that” types, so I’ve learned the hard way when to delegate. And I’ve got too many promises to keep.

P.S. — Yeah, they asked me for a plug. It was a pleasure.

Thanks for listening,
Victor Odhner