I think Allan has implemented booting ZFS from a GELI encrypted drive:
and again
new and improved - with unattended booting
and a howto

this is complicated enough that I would want to get the books before I took on anything this ambitious - please keep us up on how you deploy

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> My experience with zfs has been for large file servers. Never in a workstation environment. Really nice once you got used to its nuances. As it was for filer use I did not care about the ram used. 

As far as RAM usage, ZFS is relatively RAM intense. I would budget about 1GB ram per 1TB of storage, 1GB per 50GB of L2ARC (if using L2ARC), and 5GB per 1TB of storage if you are using deduplication (dedupe is probably not needed except in specific workloads). For fileservers you definitely WANT ECC ram, but its not strictly required.

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