Their business is fixing broken computers and recovering damaged disks, so their experience is largely with broken equipment. This guy was the one who saved me from myself when a computer I built in January wouldn’t post: he glanced at all the connections and then turned my memory sticks the right way around. Five minutes, no charge.

They did get me a smoking deal on a new monitor in 2008, beat Best Buy, but you don’t see stuff for sale there. They cheerfully accept all my old electronics, to go to AZSTRUT for recycling and in some cases AZSTRUT puts together used equipment for worthy causes — I worked with a refugee years ago who was using an AZSTRUT machine.

On 20180620, at 12:35, Steve Litt <> wrote:

On Mon, 18 Jun 2018 12:36:05 -0700
Victor Odhner <> wrote:

I think Somebody off-line mentioned Data Doctors so I dropped in
there. The main guy at that store gave me a friendly lecture on using
computers that someone else got rid of, like trade-in cars at a

Hi Victor,

What points did the guy make?

Did the guy's advice still make sense if the store allows the customer
to boot a System Rescue CD media on the computer under investigation,
to test out all its capabilities under Linux?

I'm interested because I occasionally buy used computers. The older the
computer, the less likely I'll have EFI, Secure Boot, or driver
compatibility issues.


Steve Litt
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