I use PIA here. I have it manually setup on both the old linux laptop and this mac. The app they provide was not screen reader accessible, so I went with the manual configuration instead.


On May 25, 2018, at 6:56 AM, pademc1 wrote:

I tried Goose VPN(my first ever VPN) and couldn't get it to work on m my Mint 18 system. They're support eam wasn't much help.
I bought a subscription to PIA VPN on a recommendation I read here. It installed perfectly. It worked fine till I tried to use it. I use Firefox browser and Duck Duck go for a search engine. Anyway I hit the icon for Facebook waited about two minutes and received a connection problem. Same thing with 4 other websites. I used Las Vegas, Sweden and New York as connection points.
Anyone else having an issue with PIA?
Thanks, Dennis 

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