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Author: Nathan O'Brennan
To: Main PLUG discussion list
On 2018-01-10 13:32, Stephen Partington wrote:

> ARM is releasing some Server Grade processors. Will be interesting to see what their impact is. especially after this latest fubar.
> That is 2 big fubars by intel in one year....

The more reading I do about all of this the more crazy some of it
sounds. I'm still interested in an article on Ars about the responses of
each. Basically saying Intel said do this, ARM (which licenses Intel
tech) said do this similar thing to Intel. AMD said something totally
different. AMD states they do memory different so they are not
susceptible to Meltdown and have limited liability with the Spectre
issues. AMD, while embargo'd, may have broken that embargo and let slip
what all the fuss was about before anyone was supposed to know.

So my real questions now, as a pretty serious Intel fanboi as anyone who
knows me knows, what is AMD's real part in this? Are we naive to think
AMD isn't also embedding backdoor ME type technologies? Are they still
too small for the (pick your government alphabet agency) to worry about?
Are there security people out there dedicated to finding the same type
bugs on AMD now? While everyone affected so far has released some type
of white paper, AMD has only given lip service, which is generally what
they do anyway.

Apple uses Intel chips, but they claim they design their own chips so
they are not susceptible, oh but here is a patch to fix it...

I cannot wait to see more of what AMD does because they are either the
same scumbag company I have always looked at them to be ("oh look at us,
we support open source", while employing a single linux engineer and not
ever coming through on any of their promises, and don't claim the video
graphics drivers, it's garbage, and with every promise they drop support
for additional cards) or I'm going to completely give up on Intel and
flip sides faster than John Kerry in a campaign speech.

I gotta say, I'm actually starting to get happy that my home file
server, with all my dedicated projects and personal storage, while
painfully slow with encryption because AMD doesn't include AES type
instructions, is an AMD A series processor and not an i3.

I don't seriously expect Intel to offer refund or to replace all the
processors in the world, that would spell bankruptcy and no one would
get anything, what I do expect is to see some form of government penalty
on the CEO for insider trading (government has to get their cut) but
largely a sweep of the hand, a la Star Wars, and a look the other way.

Intel is dead. Long live AMD...?---------------------------------------------------
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