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Author: Matt Birkholz
To: Main PLUG discussion list
Subject: Re: HTML5 as JS
Thanks, Herminio, for

in which I was surprised to read the following.

    It is theoretically possible to program in HTML and CSS, but in
    practice this capability is limited and inconvenient; merely to
    make it do something is an impressive hack.

So I echo der.hans and ask again: HTML5 as JS? Is this a thing now?!

I do NOT ask "Can we expect to keep these things off us?"
because I don't want to sound like a serf.  I dare ask "Can we pepper
our banks and grocery stores with requests that appear to come from
browsers that do not support HTML5 nor JS?" and I ask this because I
expect the free market to listen like no leet standards body flogging
a dead mandate.

[Brought to you by Honest To Goodness text/plain.]

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