Weird Chrome and Gmail Interaction

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Author: Mark Phillips
To: Main PLUG discussion list
Subject: Weird Chrome and Gmail Interaction
I normally use chrome to access my gmail accounts. I let Ubuntu keep chrome
updated. I have Ubuntu 14.04, but with all the updates.

I just rebooted my machine. I can open both of my gmail accounts and I get
the list of emails. On one account, I can click on an email and it opens.
On the other account, I get the little hand icon that shows the email
subject is a link, but when I click it, nothing happens. The email does not
open. This happens for all emails in the account.

I can, however, open emails from this account on my android phone. I tried
exiting out of chrome (from the icon in the systray), and restarting, and
logging out of each of the email accounts and logging in again. Still can't
open emails from the one account.

I can open emails from both accounts if I use firefox 57.0.3 (64-bit). But
firefox crashes a lot on my system, so I never use it.

Is there a setting somewhere that says "Time to mess with Mark, so don't
open emails from this account?", and how do I turn it off????


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