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Author: der.hans
To: Main PLUG discussion list
Subject: RE: KeePass2 versus KeePassX
Am 02. Jan, 2018 schwätzte Carruth, Rusty so:

moin moin Rusty,

the only time I've lost access to a KeePassX file was when I've forgotten
a passphrase. My passphrase memorization regime has since been improved

I have not yet run into file corruption.

With KeePassX, moving to KeePass2.x requires importing KeePass1.x files
and saving them as KeePass2.x files. KeePassX will no longer write
KeePass1.x files. The documentation about the requirements was less than

For a while I could choose between the old and new versions of KeePassX in
debian, but it might just be that I pinned the already installed old
version until I was ready to move.

I highly recommend KeePassX, see any of my many presentations on the
topic :).



> My only interaction with the KeePas* suite resulted in not being able to read the database after an upgrade/update/something.
> I don’t remember which it was (2, x, whatever). The machine is at home. I’ll have to look, but I’m hoping we’ll get some reaction and info that maybe will point to a solution for me as well…
> From: PLUG-discuss [] On Behalf Of Mark Phillips
> Sent: Tuesday, January 02, 2018 9:50 AM
> To: Main PLUG discussion list
> Subject: KeePass2 versus KeePassX
> Happy New Year to everyone!!
> I have been using KeePass2 on my Ubuntu machine for over 10 years (through wine), and I just discovered KeePassX as a native application. I use Keepass2 primarily as a password backup, as I also use LastPass with the chrome extension for my day to day password manager.
> I have a couple of questions about moving from KeePass2/wine to KeePassX.
> I found in one post that the differences that the database files are binary compatible. ( Can anyone confirm this?
> The only other difference (other that GUI related stuff) is that KeePass2 has plugins and KeePassX does not. I am not using any plugins now. Are there any that you think are really valuable to have, and would be a reason not to switch?
> Should I switch to KeePassX? I am assuming I can get rid of wine and save some disk space, and run a native application instead of a wine application.
> Thanks!
> Mark

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