Re: ot - windows drive disappeared

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Author: Michael
Subject: Re: ot - windows drive disappeared
I was thinking of trying to update grub to fix it. Is all I need to do is
type in 'sudo update-grub'?

On Fri, Sep 22, 2017 at 9:54 PM, Michael <> wrote:

> I have two drives in my computer. One Linux drive the other for windows.
> Well I've only been in the windows side of the computer rarely so I don't
> know when this happened but at some point the windows boot option
> disappeared. Can someone help me get it back? I did open the computer to
> see if I had inadvertently unplugged the drive but all appeared normal. I
> need it to check/fix the drive I'm talking about in the other thread I got
> going.
> --
> :-)~MIKE~(-:

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